Ways to Get Instagram Followers without Following Back

One way of getting followers on Instagram is by following random people hoping they will follow you back. This technique is very effective if you follow the right users who will certainly return the favor. However, the downside of this method is that due to the huge number of people you are currently following, your news feed will sometimes be flooded with posts you don’t have the slightest interest in. Though this is probably the easiest way to acquire more followers, there are other alternatives that will not only help you get Instagram followers without following back but will also capture the attention of the right people. It may require more effort but in reality, its results are far greater since it will grab the attention of people who are actually interested in you.

Below are the tips to get Instagram followers without following back that will definitely help boost your Instagram popularity.

• Do not upload all your photos in one go. Posting photos of similar scenes or events are boring and can be considered as spam. If you want to tell your followers that you and your friends went to a party, one photo is enough for the job. Posting another one is like telling a joke over and over again. The more you repeat it, the more it will lose its appeal.

• Include hashtags in your photos. Hashtags are your ticket to the world’s most talked about topics. When people search for a particular topic like the ones you used in your hashtags, your photos will show up in the results. However, avoid using hash tags that are not related to your picture no matter how popular that hashtag is. It is false advertising and wasting people’s time definitely won’t give you more followers.

• Use geotags. Geotags will help people know where that particular picture is taken from. Moreover, when other users post geotagged photos, Instagram brings up images from that same location and your picture might be one of them. This means that more people will be able to see your post and if you’re a company looking for the right customers, this will totally help you target the right followers.

• Make sure your photos are public. Toggle off the “Photos are private” under Photo Privacy in the Settings page. This will allow users to view your photos and follow you even without your authorization.