How to get More Instagram Followers

There are a lot of ways to get more followers on Instagram. The best thing is you don’t have to follow each and every one of these advices. Getting Instagram followers is like an artform, it doesn’t work for everyone but once you find a method that fits you, then you should practice it.

Here are some ways in getting more Instagram followers:

Let Your Other Social Networking Sites Know
Most of us have our own Facebook and Twitter account, get advantage of your friends by letting them know of your Instagram account. Do you have a blog of your own? Then inform your followers to go to your Instagram account. Before you some of your friends will follow you and you just get more followers on Instagram for free!

Create a Catchy Content
They say that a picture says a thousand words. Make sure that what it says to your viewers is awesome and not boring. If your title for instance says that you have just seen the biggest pizza in New York then make sure that the picture delivers what the title promised.

Once again this is all about the style of what type of picture you upload. Perhaps you specialise in getting dynamic photos, or weird and strange images. Just be sure to keep up with your style of pictures and pretty soon you will be getting more likes in Instagram which is a short order of getting a following.

Build a Brand
Even before you start creating your account, you should decide what type of image your Instagram account will be. The purpose for that are twofold, you want people to who share the same passion as your brand to flock to you immediately. Second, you want to stand out and be different from other trying to grab attention. Once you have stuck to your type of brand be sure to stick with it and the next thing you know will get more followers on Instagram since you will have built your own fans.

Give back and be a Follower
Don’t just expect to get followers, go ahead and visit other people’s account and become a follower. The best way for them to be interested in what you do is not only to click likes to their photos but also leave some comments. Many people prefer getting comments rather than likes, so the more you give constructive critique and praise the more chances they will give back as well. Then the next thing you know you will additional followers and getting likes on Instagram.

As a tip if you have no idea who to start with, then go to your friends Instagram account and follow them. Who knows this could lead you to getting more Instagram followers as your friend’s other acquaintance will also check out your pictures.

Label Your Photos
Aside from putting titles to your pics, you should also make sure to add in hash tags and filters to it. Also, make sure that your labels are relevant to your posts. The reason for hash tags and filters is that it makes it easier for people to stumble into your pics after using the search engine. If you do this then getting Instagram followers should be easy.

Follow these instructions and you will get more Instagram followers in no time, and if you have a little bit of difficulty then you can always buy a few followers to help you out in your advertisement and in getting more likes on Instagram.