How to Get a lot of Followers on Instagram

There are a lot of reasons to have more followers on your Instagram account, it could be because you seek some online presence, advertise your product, or even gain celebrity status. But there are many ways to fail in that goal. Below are some easy advices to make your account be constantly followed aside from you having to buy likes on Instagram.

Make your Account Public. First check the settings of your account if it is private or public. This is very important specially if your plan to turn your old private account into an advertising scheme. For those among us who have no idea the difference between the two, public accounts mean that anyone can view it while private accounts means only those who follow you get to see your pictures.

Choose what Photos to Upload in Your Account. Think of it this way, your account is like a brand, so just like Justin Bieber would always have a song about young love, be sure that what picture you upload will support the theme you pick. Another reason you have to be selective with your photo is because you do not want to unintentionally offend your followers. Also this will give you focus on what you will upload having some restrictions can give you inspiration on your next photo.

Plan the Label on Your Photo. There are three ways for you to label your new posts. First, the title itself, think of a catchy title. Make sure that it will cause some emotion to your users. Remember that it’s always better to aim to make your followers laugh rather than cause negative emotions. Second, make sure to put the proper hashtag in your post. Giving your picture the proper hashtag serves as a means to make it easier for users to see your work. Just be sure to that your tags have some connection to your pics. Finally, put in filters to your photo, the best idea is to ride a current wave of popular filters that is running the internet.

Be a follower. Do you find someone to have an interesting account? Then join up and follow on their account as well. One reason for doing this is that unless that person has thousands of new followers every day, they will always check out their new follower’s account. This can lead you to have a new follower as well. You can reap further bonus, when that person’s followers will also be interested in your account. Another tip is that commenting is always preferable to just liking. By commenting on someone’s new post that person will like you and will also follow your own post.

Produce a lot of Photos. You want people to be interested with your account. So it’s always better to have a constant stream of new photos over uploading them by bulk. That way your followers will always visit you and you can also gain new ones when your current followers will recommend your account.

But if you need to push to getting people to looking at your post, don’t brush off the idea of having to buy likes on Instagram. These likes that you bought will snowball into having people check out why your photo is so popular.