How can I Get more Followers on Instagram

Like most accounts it is important to have followers on your Instagram. Without them you will lose interest in maintaining it. However, there are two ways for you to get more followers on Instagram, the right way and the wrong way. So we shall check on what are the wrong ways and why that is, so that you will avoid doing the same mistakes.

Wrong way: Uploading Pictures by Bulk

Why: There is no way to determine when all of your current followers will log in to their account. By being neglecting to have a new post your followers will lose interest on you. Lose of interest among your followers mean that you have just lost your momentum in your goal to have an online presence.

What you should do instead: Have a new photo every day or other day even if they are just one or two times per update. That way you will keep your followers coming back for more, and you also get to visit your account daily and get feedback immediately

Wrong way: Having no Hashtags

Why: Without these nobody will accidentally stumble into your posts. No new people means your account will stagnate because you will soon run out of people you know in your circles to be your followers. You need these discovers since they can be a door to new types of followers.
The same idea also applies to having too much or putting unrelated hashtags. This will turn off people and think that your posts are unreliable and misleading. Avoid these at all costs.

What you should do instead: Quite simply, put hashtags that are related to your picture. Avoid putting too many of them by having a maximum number, have a rule like having a minimum of three hashtags and a maximum of five.

Wrong way: Not Engaging with the Community

Why: We’re all busy, it is naïve to think that all we have to do is upload our picks, do our thing, and wait for followers to come pouring out of the wood work. This will usually not happen and once again your account will become stagnant and have difficulty attracting new followers.

What you should do instead: Go to other people’s account, like, comment, and follow them. This can lead you to having these people be interested in what you have to posts in your account as well. The best thing is that the people you followed will also have followers who will be interested in your posts, causing you to snowball and have more followers!

Wrong way: Uploading just about any Photo

Why: Having other photos that have nothing to do with what message you want to say to your account gives a distracting meaning to your visitors. You should really avoid doing this specially if you plan to use your account on advertising your product.

What you should do instead: Say your account is all about telling the world about your product, for example a soap, then make sure what you have to upload will have something to say on the world of soap. Why should people care? What should they know? What’s new? These are some of the questions your photo should answer.

Of course uploading new photos is an art form and it can get a while to get more followers on Instagram. Just make sure to never forget what you have learnt and apply them.